Fitler Square is one of those clichéd urban hidden treasures. It's on very few tourist to-do lists despite being right in Center City; travelers drive by on South Street or Walnut Street without realizing it; the big three online mapping engines still haven't even recognized the new Schuylkill River Path's extension into the neighborhood and are calling the existing Schuylkill River Park "Markward Playground," itself a minor component of the park which also includes the Dog Run, basketball courts, Taney (baseball and softball) Field, and a garden. (Of course they probably should have labeled it Judy Garland Park and been done with it.)

"Hey, aren't you jumping around a bit?" Probably. Let me clarify: Fitler Square is a small park, the square (rectangle, really) located along Pine between 23rd and 24th. The surrounding neighborhood borrows its name from its landmark, a la Logan Square or Rittenhouse Square or Washington Square. It's true, Center City is Squaresville. And is proud to call Fitler Square its home.