Passyunk Avenue, specifically East Passyunk between Broad Street and South Street, is the long time primary thoroughfare of South Philadelphia. It's an old indian trail that predates William Penn but which was a commercial corridor as early as George Washington's presidential days.

"The Avenue" is historically Italian and is still very much so, but in recent years Mexicans and southeastern Asians have moved in and helped diversify the area. There are sizable black populations just west and south of The Avenue and an Irish pocket is just a few blocks east. And, of course, the young and artistic (you call 'em hipsters) have begun moving into the area and opening cafes and galleries and dining in the long established restaurants and barber shops and taverns.

As Passyunk creeps northeastward between Broad and South Streets, it is dissected at 9th Street at Passyunk's most recognized crossroads, Pat's and Geno's steakeries. Head north on 9th from Geno's and you're treated with the Italian Market.

But do that on yr own time, for this here tour is trucking on toward South. This is East Passyunk -- that's The Avenue to you, paisano.