... and then you get to 6th & Vine. There really isn't even a "Vine Street" at 6th. The Bridge's westbound traffic passes overhead, and 676's eastbound traffic stops here. Oh, and ... and Franklin Square -- the forlorn northeast square of Billy Penn's original five -- rests on what Vine would be, and once was. On the opposite end of Center City, the square named for America's first paper mill man, David Rittenhouse, regales in the good life ... and on this end of town, Isamu Noguchi's lightning bolt statue does its best to draw your attention from the unpaved paths, the homeless camps, the non-working fountains, the sorriest fireman's memorial you ever saw, and the nauseating irony that is the neglect of Franklin Square directly across the street from the Roundhouse, Philadelphia's police headquarters.

700 Vine Street