While we've already covered the assault on Vine Street by the Ben Franklin Parkway, Ben Franklin Bridge, I-95 and I-676, we haven't touched on its relationship with Philadelphia's 'Main Street': Broad Street. So uh, here we are.

Broad & Vine is the city of the future -- the automobile city of the future -- from the 1960s with remnants of its storied past. Broad Street itself hosts six lanes of traffic N-S, and there are seven more running E-W, two of which are heading down to 676. Meanwhile, the subway makes a stop at (Race and) Vine, actually quite convenient for sports fans not willing to contend with sports complex traffic. Within a block of Broad & Vine, there are three massive parking garages that are a fraction of the cost of parking at the complex, and a round trip pack of tokens is $2.60. Hahnemann Hospital and Roman Catholic High School stand on opposite corners of the Expressway on Broad.

1500 Vine Street