May: finals, parties, pomp and circumstance, some cursing and some nostalgia. That's how I remember it. That and smoking a fat Dominican cigar in my cap and gown. It may or may not be how graduates of local colleges and universities do it, but sooner or later they'll all be at least a little nostalgic for that old familiar campus stroll, or that bar with the cheap wings, or that all-female dorm they spent so many nights in.

However I did it, however you do it . . . cool. This is how six local students roll. They are:

Chris Ellis (St Joe's)
Alex Feldman (Penn)
John Kneeland (Penn)
Kevin L Rakszawski (Penn)
Dan Carr (Chestnut Hill)
Vlad Litvak (Temple)

These are the campuses of Philly universities seen through the eyes of their respective students. Architecture, landmarks, libraries, students, people: campus life. Others (La Salle? Philadelphia U?) may or may not be added later. To all graduates: congrats and get a job in Philly, wouldja?